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What is AdaptAble?

Are you struggling with stress or anxiety?  Need an immune system boost? Need a level head? Need some calming in your life?  AdaptAble might be the solution for you!

What is AdaptAble?  AdaptAble is a plant-sourced, adaptogenic herbal stress blend that comes in a vegetable capsule.  There are NEVER any fillers with Solle Naturals products, so each product is 100% pure.  AdaptAble comes in a 90 capsule bottle so depending on your own usage it could last you for a few months!


How do I use AdaptAble? You will find that the serving size depends on YOU.  You may find that one capsule in the morning is enough to keep you calm for the day, or perhaps one in the morning and one in the afternoon is adequate for you.  We would suggest starting with ONE and moving up as needed.  If you have an extra stressful day feel free to take an extra as needed as well. Take with a big glass of water.


What are the ingredients in AdaptAble?  AdaptAble contains 6 adaptogens plus St. John’s Wort.  here’s the breakdown of each ingredient:

Eleuthero: has been extensively studied and proven to support endurance and response in those stressful moments

Schizandra: is packed with healthful compounds that make it a superior adaptogen with antiinflammatory activity and potent antioxidants.

Astragalus: is a key immune system enhancer, supporting all major body systems.

Ashwaganda: provides effective anti-stress support and immune and circulatory system enhancement.

Jiaogulan: besides possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, this adaptogen also has many beneficial effects on the circulatory system

Rhodiola: supports a balanced outlook in those affected by the highs and lows of stress.

St. John’s Wort: is studied as one of the leading herbs for mood enhancement, and is standardized to .3% hypericin with hyperforin in the AdaptAble formula



I have found that 2 AdaptAbles is the perfect amount for me.  I take one in the morning and one later in the day and I’ve found a new CALMNESS in life.  I’ve struggled with anxiety for YEARS and this is the first product that has given me relief from my anxiety, even during my PMS time!

When I do have an extra stressful day I may take an extra as needed, but that stress hasn’t been building like it did in the past.


If you’re already taking AdaptAble, what are YOUR personal results?  If you haven’t started yet, why not?  Let’s bring a CALMING relief to your life too!